The dress is a type of clothing that facilitates female well-being. This is because it is versatile, practical and democratic, as it can be used by women of all ages. It perfectly suits all body types and adapts to styles. 

Popilush offers a wide variety of models and colors. So you can include a dress with built in shapewear in your routine or choose a special version for celebratory events. Either way, there's always a perfect dress for you. 

How to create a personality look using shapewear dress? 

You can create countless compositions using a single dress. But the catalog's options are vast, so don't be afraid to try trends and new colors. Often times when you step out of your comfort zone is where you find new ways to reinvent yourself. Investing in a dress made from modal fabric can be a good suggestion, as it promotes softness in contact with the skin. 

The shapewear dress makes you have a well-aligned butt, back, legs and bust. The waist area is not left out and gains structure through double-layer control for a flat region, free from lumps. 

You can achieve an authentic look by using personalized items that others won't have. For example, the same dress gets a different look for a certain woman who chooses a leather jacket as a layering, while another prefers to add charm through a long coat. 

Does a dress help me look sexier? 

Yes, and this automatically, as the dress enhances the woman's body and is a symbol of femininity. But there are some elements that can further expand your intention. If you choose a lace slip maxi dress you can have elegance and sensuality combined in a single piece. 

You get a flat tummy to the right extent, without tightness or discomfort through the shapewear mesh. The steel ring is another interesting feature that provides support for the breasts, giving you a beautiful cleavage. You can combine warm colors to become even sexier. When choosing a black dress, for example, use red, cherry or wine in accessories or makeup. These small details will brighten up your look and make you more attractive. 

Does a shapewear dress really suit every woman?   

Yes, as it can be perfectly adjusted to any body type. Plus, it matches shoes and bags you already own. For women with a classic style, a model with a straight cut and round neck becomes an important ally. Furthermore, a shape constructed without seam markings with shapewear mesh can give you a more symmetrical and elegant body shape. 

If you are a woman who likes freedom, you will love the fact that a built in shapewear dress provides you with a lot of practicality when getting dressed. The groin area has cotton lining and the chest pads perfectly adjust your breasts. This means you don't have to worry about wearing underwear, markings or color combinations, optimizing time when getting ready to go out.